Harness the Power of Three
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You have reached the page for our proposed 500kw turbine on land near Eston, Middlesborough.

If you want to see how the turbine will look from various streets please click on the gallery images below.

You can find all of the documents submitted as part of our application below, or you can see and comment on the live application HERE. Often it’s only those who are against such developments that comment so if you are ambivalent or support this development please let your voice be heard too – YOUR opinion is just as important!

Appendix 1 – Site Location Map – Eston_v5 – Enercon E44

Appendix 2 – Site Layout Map – Eston_v1 – Enercon E44

Appendix 3 – Enercon E44 900kW Elevation Drawing and Meter House – Substation Requirements

Appendix 4 – Manufacturers Brochure – E44

Appendix 6 – Site Specific Desktop Noise Assessment

Appendix 7 – Site Specific Shadow Flicker Impact Assessment

Appendix 9 – Transport Management Plan and Swept Path Anlysis

Appendix 10 – Aviation Check

Appendix 11 – MoD Correspondence

Appendix 12 – JRC Correspondence

Appendix 13 – Screening Request and Response

Appendix 14 – Pre-Application Advice Correspondence Application Cover letter –

Screening Request Planning Statement incorporating Design and Access_v1