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Wind Turbines

The Future Energy Partnership has wind developers queuing up for us to find them sites for wind turbines. This means we can find the best deal for your site and be choosy about who we work with. We undertake a FREE feasibility study to see if your land is suitable for a wind turbine and if it is we the undertake a FREE planning application.

Many wind developers only install one type of turbine and will write a sight off if they can’t get their size turbine on the site. We always try to maximise each sites potential so if we can’t get a 500kw turbine on but the site is suitable for a 200kw wind turbine we’ll find a developer who can offer that option. If your site fails planning it may be suitable All of the developers we work with offer attractive rents starting at £5000 per annum for a 50kw turbine and some also offer free electricity.

To see if your site is suitable for wind we do a FREE feasibility assessment. We need some information from you to do this but you can fill out a brief form here or call us now on 08455 195 295.

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