Harness the Power of Three
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Solar PV

The Future Energy Partnership can assess your property for Solar Panels for FREE.

If you are a business, or own buildings with a large roof space we can install solar PV panels for free on a power purchase agreement. This means that you agree to buy the power the panels generate for a reduced price, which can save you 30% on your energy bills, and in some cases even more.

Simply fill out this form and post it back to us with the required information to get your FREE feasibility assessment or call us now on 08455 195 295 to see if your buildings are suitable.

If you own land or would like to turn your fields or farm into a solar farm, or rent your land for solar we can install the solar panels for free and provide you with an annual rent. The minimum site size for a ground mounted solar farm is 5 acres and land in the south of England is preferred.

To get your FREE feasibility assessment please fill out this brief form and send to us or call us now on 08455 195 295 to find out more.

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