Harness the Power of Three
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The Future Energy Partnership is a joint venture between 3 expert renewable energy companies to enable everyone to have access to renewables.

Spectrum Solicitors, PHA Communications and En-Trust have teamed up to offer free renewables technology, installed for free and with absolutely no costs to the land owner. By working together we can offer a FREE feasibility study, a FREE grid connection investigation and a FREE planning application. If your site is successful you then get either a FREE wind turbine, FREE Solar PV or a FREE Biomass Boiler.

The Future Energy Partnership is a truly independent team, we are not tied to one developer or technology. We look at your site objectively and asses which technology or combination of technologies is the most appropriate and will get you the best return. We then offer the developer who can give you the best deal the opportunity to develop your site – and we only work with the best!

If you want a solar farm on your land, a wind turbine on your farm or solar PV on your roof with no capital outlay then we can help. In fact our Solar PV service can save you 30% on your energy bills and our Biomass Boilers can get you free heating. SO what’s the catch? Find out why there really are no strings attached by speaking to our team now on 08455 195 295.

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